Food Processing

Ozone Has Many Applications

Food Processing

Ozmotics Ozone Generators are created to help you to increase productivity and reduce yield loss. What that means to you is improved profitability. From freezing to chilling to food safety and packaging technologies, Ozmotics Generators will meet your requirements and processing needs.

Better, safer, faster, more cost-effective - these four goals are more essential than ever to the advancement your business, the quality of your product and the growth of your company. For food and beverage companies, Ozmotics Generators are far more then just ozone generators. We have pioneered major breakthroughs in ozone production technologies, creating even more efficient, reliable, compact and cost effective generators. The generators which on 24/7 bases assuring safety and freshness of your product.

The newest offering for the fresh-cut produce processors MC-series ozone generators for effective disinfection of fruit and vegetables, enabling to achieve high concentration of ozone in water practically without any off-gas. Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent that is also organic-compliant. It's just one more we could help you to improve your productivity.

Fresh taste, fresh look, fresh-cut. The consumer demand for high quality, conveniently packaged produce is on the rise. This is true for both the consumer and foodservice markets. How to get there is the challenge. One way is to dramatically increase the shelf life and product appearance by changing the way you process your fresh-cut produce. The answer is ozone. Ozonated washing and produce disinfection beats traditional methods that leave residual chemicals and impart off flavor notes.

Ozone is the tri-atomic form of oxygen and is a highly effective disinfectant. As an oxidizing agent, ozone is one and a half times more powerful than chlorine and 3000 times more reactive.

A simple system incorporating Ozmotics generators, allows for easy production of ozonated water for washing the product will overall reduce your water consumption, improves mold, and bacteriological kill and minimizes product loss and the best part... increases shelf life.

The chemical dip is a thing of the past. The new, fresher approach is with organic-compliant ozone and the support from Ozmotics team are just a click away - contact us.

Case Studies:

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