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Ozone Generators


Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions, however if we have not touched an issue upon which you need clarification, please feel welcome to contact us.

  1. Are Ozmotics Ozone Generators water or air-cooled, and what is the power consumption?

    Ozmotics Ozone Generators are air-cooled. This is beneficial in the long run as no expensive water or air-conditioners are required maintain the Ozone Generator.
    Ozmotics Ozone Generators consume about 300 - 400W. This is less than a typical household microwave oven.

  2. What concentration by weight do Ozmotics Ozone Generators produce?


    We guarantee that our generators produce ozone at 5 - 12% concentration from oxygen. Ozmotics Ozone Generators have a low Oxygen requirement - each generator requires only 3 - 5 slpm of Oxygen for 1 ppd of Ozone.
    ppd = Pounds Per Day
    1 ppd = 18.9 g/hr = 0.0189 kg/hr = 0.45 kg/day

    slpm = Standard Liters Per Minute

  3. What feed gas do Ozmotics Ozone Generators require?


    Oxygen is required for optimal output. The following are approximate values: To produce 25g/hr, 5 slpm of Oxygen is required.
    slpm = Standard Liters Per Minute

    5 slpm = 0.3 m3/hr = 0.17 cfm