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    Ozone can be used in various applications as an oxidizer and disinfectant
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Ozmotics provides top-quality commercial and industrial high-grade air-cooled Ozone Generators for a wide variety of applications including water treatment and soil remediation. Our air cooled ozone generators allow us to provide you with superior ozone generation technology at affordable prices. Plus, you do not have to purchase nor maintain expensive water conditioning or air conditioning systems.

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The applications of ozone span a variety of topics and industries

Ozone Applications


Ozone can be used in aquaculture water treatment in several ways including removal of fine and colloidal solids, and more... learn more
Ozone treatment for Bottled Water

Bottled Water

Ozone is now used in a variety of water treatment applications and provides multiple benefits to the beverage market... learn more
Ozone treatment of cooling towers

Cooling Towers

Legionella (legionnaires disease) is a major problem in cooling tower water treatment. Ozone has taken an important role In prevention... learn more

Food Processing

Use Ozone to disinfect stored food for unprecedented pathogen destruction. Recently approved by the U.S FDA... learn more

Industrial Processes

Ozone has become a popular choice for a wide and steadily expanding range of industrial applications virtually no residual materials... learn more

Soil Remediation

Ozone is used to clean up sites containing variety of soil contaminants, targeting compounds that are not biodegradable... learn more