Ozmotics provides top-quality commercial and industrial high-grade air-cooled Ozone Generators for a wide variety of applications including water treatment and soil remediation. 

Our air cooled ozone generators allow us to provide you with superior ozone generation technology at affordable prices. Plus, you do not have to purchase nor maintain expensive water conditioning or air conditioning systems. [View Technical Specifications

Ozone can be used in various applications as an oxidizer and disinfectant - in swimming pools as a replacement for chlorine or bromine; in soil remediation applications to remove contaminants including oil and fuel; in food processing to disinfect stored food for unprecedented pathogen destruction; and much more.
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Bottled Water

Cooling Towers

Food Processing

Industrial Processes


Potable Water Disinfection

Soil Remediation

Waste Water Treatment

Winery Sanitation

Ozone is a strong natural oxidizer and disinfectant. It kills microbes much faster than weaker oxidizers like chlorine - up to 5,000 times faster. But unlike chlorine, ozone oxidation leaves no harmful or foul byproducts and residue, only pure oxygen. Moreover, microorganisms canít build up a tolerance to ozone as they can to less reactive chemicals like chlorine. 
High Concentration
6 - 14% w-w
Low Oxygen Requirement
3 - 5 slpm for 1ppd of ozone
Air Cooled
No expensive water or air conditioning required
High Efficiency
Low power (400 - 500 W)
PCOP System
Pressure Compensated Ozone Production System
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Our 3-year Performance Specification Warranty ensures you get a unit that meets or exceeds our published specifications.  [View Complete Warranty Info]  [View Technical Specs]
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